Advanced Kite Camp

This advanced camp will get you to your next steps
as fast as you can get there!

It is $500 CAD for as much instruction over a 6-7 day period. Your team Instructor will be out with the group all day giving tips from the shallow waters as you ride and, also spending time with you on the beach as you take a break to go over the things you need to work on. He will also spend a bit of time on the water to demonstrate the skills you are trying to master and a few more along the way.

He can help you get comfortable with transitions of all types, jumping, back rolls, front rolls, kite loops, dark slide, ralleys and so much more. Whatever you are ready for!

Camp Dates:

Isla Blanca: January 1st to 8th 2018 (possible flexible dates based on participants travel schedules)

Maui: February or Early March 2018 (dates based on participants travel, will be disclosed by early January).

*The camp is for independent riders, which means you are able to ride in all directions including upwind and you are able to retrieve your board successfully. If you are not yet at this independent stage you can also come down a few days earlier and do a few private 1 on 1 sessions with your instructor to get your skills up to par. These private sessions would be $100/hr CAD.

**Minimum 6 participants required to run the course. Payment must be made in full by November 15th to secure your spot. Confirmation of camp will be done by November 20th.